Featuring on today’s NATURAL – Chidinma

Featuring on today’s NATURAL – Chidinma

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, tree, outdoor and closeupI really do not mind how long it is going to take me while fetching for Natural girls. With the few experiences I had had, I think girls who stay Natural are more intelligent than those who do not, and they also have a positive appearance. This is impressive!

Chidinma is one of the new entrants in my department, and she was the first person I noticed among about hundred of them. Did she get my attention because she was always busy? Or, was it because she is the fairest/darkest in the entire class? NO. I got attracted to her because she was Natural and descent. Read what she has to say on NATURAL:

Name: Chidinma Deborah Nwonye

Religion: Christianity

 State of Origin: Anambra State

Likes: Honesty, Basketball and Considerate people

Dislikes: Carrots, Dishonest people and Hypocrites

Who influenced you in being Natural?: My grandmother and my mother because my grandmother had the belief of not applying make-up and she trained my mummy in the same way. So, when my mom got married, she trained her children in the way of not applying make-up (none of my siblings apply make-up).

Reason you stay Natural: I feel it is better to stay natural because it portrays your God given beauty rather than mixing it all up. Besides, make up has some negative effects on your skin. A program I watched on T.V experimented and it was proven that these foundation powders get into your pores and accumulates over time.

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Another reason I stay Natural is based on the spiritual conviction I have with the Holy-spirit that just being natural portrays part of the Godliness in your life, but it doesn’t mean that just not putting make-up makes you Holy.

Anyways, to cap it up, I have decided to stay natural because I grew up like that and I believe I can live without all those.

Your advice to other young girls: I advice others to try as much as possible to stay natural because your true beauty is always preferred to the artificial beauty.

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