Cobbling – another occupation in Nigeria

Cobbling – another occupation in Nigeria

While trekking back from a school, I saw this young boy on the street doing his job. He is a cobbler and he moves around looking for customers. In Nigeria, they charge between ₦30 – ₦500  to fix your shoes – either to polish or sew it round. The Hausas’ are mostly the people involved in this kind of occupation and I must say that they are very good at it. You can see other occupations that the Hausa’s dominate by Clicking here, here and here.

The 18 years old Islam cobbler hails from  Maiduguri State but he is pursuing his business at the Eastern part of the country. Read about the interview of the Cobbling business here;

Tell us about your educational background?

I completed my secondary school education in Maduguri State and I hope to go further by studying Sociology at the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Nigeria.

Where did you learn this business?

I learnt it from my sister back then in Maiduguri (another reason I encourage people to pass down their knowledge of either craft or any form of handwork to younger ones because it helps a lot).

How long have you been in this business?

For about 2 years now.

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What have you been able to Achieve with this business?

I love the campus. So, I hope to gather enough money to train myself in the university.

How much did you use to start the business?

It wasn’t very hard or expensive to start up. I used around  3,000 to buy few things when I was about starting.

Your advice to other Nigerians

Let them just try their best in whatever they want to do.

In conclusion, this was what Bilya said about how he sees Christians;

At first, people have to understand that there are different groups of Muslims and the ones that carry out killing do so out of their own personal will. The group of Muslim I belong to, do not believe in killing people.

As for me, I see Christians as normal human beings like myself. Infact, my best friend back then when I was still in secondary school was a Christian, and we did everything together.

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