Featuring on today’s NATURAL – Marielle

Featuring on today’s NATURAL – Marielle

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, child and outdoorFor quite some time, I have always wondered where the Medical students in my school stay, because, I have never by chance overheard when someone says “This is medicine department” or “Let’s go the medicine department” just like you frequently hear when people say “ Sociology department” . Etc

But today, when I met a Natural Medical Student, I found out that they have a different campus (and it satisfied my curiosity).  During the little talk I had with her, she told me that she likes what I am doing (meeting up with natural girls and interviewing them) and she also loves creative people; apparently “Brilliant people are Creative”. I also got to understand that the upcoming medical doctor expresses her creativity in writing poems, stories, and articles. Read what she has to say about NATURAL;

Name: Abajue Marielle

Religion: Christianity

State of Origin: Anambra State

Likes: Brilliant people, Singing and Learning.

Dislikes: Pride

Who influenced you in staying Natural?: No one, it was my personal decision.

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Reason why you stay Natural: Firstly, I stay natural because it is less stressful when compared to staying hours in front of a mirror to please people with false look. More so, staying natural is healthier because most make up contains toxins which may be harmful to the human body.

Your advice to other young girls: When you make up too frequently, the day you don’t get to apply any make up – people would see you as being very very ugly. There is no need trying to imitate other peoples look or impress others by the way you look.

Being Natural rocks!

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