Featuring on today’s NATURAL – Obianuju

Featuring on today’s NATURAL – Obianuju

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoorHow did this happen? A make-up artist featured on todays’ Natural ,what a coincidence – two disparate people meet themselves.

On my way back from this stream I visited, while walking down the street, I noticed the sudden change in the weather (does it want to rain? I asked myself) Biko, this rain shouldn’t start until I get to my house. I was still trekking when the rain started, I just had to get shelter under a locked shop which was along the road, I stayed there and waited for the rain to stop before I continue my journey back home.

While I was under the shade, a young lady came to join me – she was also running away from the rain and looking for shelter until the rain stops. When I saw her, I looked, looked again and found out that her hair was natural. I told her about my program and she complied. Lest I forget, she asked how old I was – I think I was looking too young.

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I got surprised when she told me she is a make-up artist – How come a make-up artist is Natural? . She said she keeps her natural hair and she decided not to put on make-up today because she was rushing to the market.  Read the rest of what she said;

Name:  Obianuju Abigail

Religion: Christianity

 State of Origin: Anambra State

Likes: Honesty

Dislikes: Deceit

Who influenced you in being Natural?: It was a personal decision.

Reason you stay Natural: I choose to stay Natural because I didn’t feel like applying my make up’s and I noticed being natural makes me look younger than my age.

Your advice to other young girls: What I have to tell younger girls is this – always take out a day and stay Natural, then listen to people’s recommendation on that. Don’t always apply make-up all the time.

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