Roadside Akara Selling – another occupation in Nigeria

Roadside Akara Selling – another occupation in Nigeria

The fact that Food is one of the basic needs of man cannot be over emphasized. Almost all the time, people always need something to eat at a particular time. With the little experiment I had with my chicken, I found out that living things (humans and other animals) can die because of hunger.

Akara selling is one of the occupations in Nigeria. It has helped the citizens of the country a lot because people get to eat it as breakfast and dinner (it is mostly sold in the morning and evening). More so, it has created employment and sources of income to those who engage in it. Akara is best eaten with bread, fried yam, fried potato, fried plantain or Akamu. Presently, one piece of Akara sells for ₦10 and you get to have an extra piece when you buy. For instance, if you buy an Akara of 50 which is meant to be 5 pieces,the seller always put an extra one(1) to make it six(6) pieces – that has been how I have bought Akara since when i was a kid up till today.

I met with one of the roadside Akara sellers to ask her about the business and this is what she said about it;

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Mrs Nwovu Susanna is from Ebonyi state but she has been in Anambra for quite some time. She sells Akara, fried yam, fried potato and fried plantain along the road in Anambra State. She has been involved in this business for over (3+) years.

When I asked her about how she learnt the business, this was her response;

I just know how to do it, I started it on my own, and nobody taught me. It is a simple process – just wash and grind your beans, mix whatever ingredient you want to use (pepper, onion, salt), then you fry. That’s all.

When I inquired about if the business was lucrative (profitable), she replied by saying;

Yes it is, because it is what I have been using to support my family and even train my children.

What your advice to other Nigerians (Women);

This Akara business I do today was my friend that encouraged me to start it, she was even the one that found this location for me – so, I will tell other women that anything they find to do let them do. Because as a married woman you do not need to be asking your husband for everything – because that is where marital problems may start from. The day you might ask him for money and he doesn’t have or doesn’t give it to you, nsogbu ga ebido.

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So, to my fellow women, at least even if it is pure- water that you find yourself to sell; I encourage you to do that properly.

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