5 reasons why I think young ladies, teenagers and mothers should dress decently

5 reasons why I think young ladies, teenagers and mothers should dress decently

Recently, there have been trends on modern attires and other form of dresses which has brought about indecency among young girls. I am writing this article to the young girls out there who in one way or the other find themselves putting on indecent dresses, to those who already dress decently – I urge you to keep it up, to mothers who have girl child’s to train – please ensure you train your girl and boy child in the right way so that in the nearest future, you will be proud of their character. One reason why I try to emphasize more on the mother-child upbringing is simply because I know that parental attitudes have more than 60% influences on the character of their children (very soon, I will be writing an article on the influences of a mother to her child).

What gives me more courage and happiness is when I look back at the olden days or I see some pictures of my mum and dad back then when there were in their youthful age; I get to find out that they wore very descent cloths and still looked extremely gorgeous. Well, I am an advocate for decency among girls because I personally love dressing descent due to the fact that I know I look beautiful while decent and it also makes me feel really comfortable.

Below are the five (5) reasons I could come about for now;

  • Descent people have a higher chance of looking more positive; personally, I see being decent as putting on cloths that doesn’t expose those part of your body that you keep private. E.g. Breasts, laps, etc. A good benefit of decency is that you have a higher tendency of looking more focus and concentrated in the mind of people, they see you as someone they may not have to treat without respect.
  • They are usually noticed and distinguished; this is one reason I am so sure of. Your mode of dressing can actually make you recognized by people around you. To put it clear, I have a coursemate in my school who dresses decently/positively and I got to notice her. You can read about her here.
  • Still looks beautiful ; if a person can look good while putting on decent dresses, I think that is the best reason why one may want to buy into this idea. I have an Aunt I admire so much; she dresses decently but choi! She is so pretty, and this applies to the other decent girls I have seen – they are all pretty.
  • Feels more confident and comfortable; at somtochukwu.com, I try as much as possible to relate almost everything I write here to my personal life and experience. I am a lover of decency and this has made me to always put on shirts, skirts, trousers and polo’s that covers me really well, aside that, I also feel good and comfortable about myself when I dress positively because I don’t need to bother about adjusting this and adjusting that.
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Well, I must say that a whole lot of people (family members, friend and outside admirers) have noticed the way I dress and they have actually acknowledged me for that, and their gratitude was well appreciated by me.

  • Lower chances of being embarrassed by the public; most of the time I hear news about girls that get disgraced in the street because of the kind of indecent cloth they put on. Note: No one ever likes seeing things happen wrongly. Dressing decently gives you an edge over this kind of public embarrassment.

  • Usually more intelligent; I wouldn’t want to talk so much about this because I have observed few people who dress decently and I found out that they were really intelligent. Starting from the girls I have interviewed to my other friends. You can read about Marielle here.

Thank you so much for reading this. Do you agree with my above mentioned points? What do you think about dressing decently? You can share your views in the comment box below.

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