Tourism: My visit to Ezeagu Waterfall, Enugu State, Nigeria

Tourism: My visit to Ezeagu Waterfall, Enugu State, Nigeria

Something I wouldn’t forget about visiting the Ezeagu Waterfall was that I remember sharing a toast of the J & W cocktail wine around 7:30 pm in the bus with my friends when we were on our way back.

It was a picnic organized by the Economics department and I decided to join them. After paying the dues (₦1000) , I was entitled to join the bus and go for the excursion.The Ezeagu waterfall is usually called Agada or Okpaku and this is the little I learnt on my visit;


It is located at the Ezeagu village in Enugu State (Coal City) Nigeria.


The Ezeagu waterfall has been in existence for over 200 years (according to what  the 76 years old palm wine tapper from Ezeagu told me, the water was there even before his parents were born).


That was my first day to actually see a palm wine tapper when he was on top of the tree tapping fresh palm wine (I will get to interview a palm wine tapper very soon).

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The waterfall all of a sudden began to come out from a hill (according to what the palm wine tapper told me).


Unlike some other rivers, lakes or water from caves I have been to, the water from the Ezeagu waterfall is not used for healing purposes.

Rather, almost everyone uses it for swimming – it is more like a pool. The picture below shows a lot of people swimming in the water.


I enjoyed putting my bare foot in the water for about twenty minutes while I watched other people swim.

My experience

The funniest experience I had was when I was about crossing the water through the use of a bamboo as bridge. Well, some other people were also in the queue to cross and while I was passing others were saying things like; Gafee n’uzo osiso na ,  chelukwa o. I was about reaching the end of the overpass, which marks the end of water when a guy was telling me Nwoke a meenu oso, nwoke a meenu oso, then he looked down to my legs and said Nwoke nke a gbakwa akpu-ukwu nwanyi. Hahahaha.

He thought I was a boy and then he was surprised to see a boy putting on a girls shoe.

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