How will the knowledge of Computer science and Programming languages help improve the development of Nigeria?

How will the knowledge of Computer science and Programming languages help improve the development of Nigeria?


Knowledge is key. And if you lack knowledge you begin to see things like Computers, Mobile phones, Robots, as a really hard work and the fact that the people that invent these things fell from the sky, are genius, or are far better than you. But, the answer is NO! I stand strongly in the words of Ben Murray Bruce “ There is no field of human endeavor that Nigerians do not excel in…

By quickly outlining the basics of what Computers, Computer science and Programming languages are, I will go in to-to the main topic.

Computer science is the study of the principles and use of computers. Meanwhile, a computer is an electronic device which receives information from users and interpret results. In direct terms, a computer does not only comprise of laptops or desktops. We all have computers around us, ranging are our mobile phones, televisions, Automated teller machines (ATM), thermometer, to mention but a few. All these are computers and they are only able to work because they have been assigned their tasks through programming.

Programming languages is the only way humans communicate to computers and this is the additional knowledge we as Nigerians need – it is 45% of what can take us 5x ahead of where we are. If we do not improve in science and technology, citizens of the country will always want to travel abroad for serious medical check-up, people from other countries will keep being the owners of Twitter, Google and Facebook.

We can’t underestimate or do away with the fact that computer science is a vital aspect towards development in the 21st century. Let me broaden your minds about Nigerians that have succeeded by simply tapping into this. Take a look at Nairaland – about 10 years ago, he created a community, now, it is growing extensively. What about Lindaikeji; the number 1 online blogger in Nigeria – she also started about a decade ago and now she has made huge wealth from this.

How do more people tap into this?

Firstly, we have to learn the basics of how all programming languages work. As a people, we need to sit down, put all hands on deck, and be eager and passionate to learn. Definitely, we will make mistakes, but we must keep learning. Some of the programming languages we need to learn are PHP, HTML(Hypertext Mark-up Language), Python, Java, C++, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, etc and by doing so,we are expanding our knowledge. Let’s take for example a Nigerian Medical lab that makes use of Thermometer. If we as Nigerians do not begin to learn the science behind the production of thermometers and how to program it, we are prone to continue importing these things till thy kingdom come and by doing so, we are becoming dependent as each day passes.

Secondly, we need to encourage the young people and create opportunities for them. For instance, there is a young Nigerian boy that presently built a Bulldozer and Truck. You can watch the video by clicking here. After watching the video, I understood that it was just the basics of how these gigantic bulldozers being imported are made, nothing more and nothing less.

More so, we have to free ourselves the notion that we are classified as a “Developing country”. It all works in our psychology and reasoning. For instance, some family friends came to my house and when they were about leaving, we all decided to take a group photograph. After we had taken the pictures, the mother looked at it and said “I know I wouldn’t look good in it”.Immediately, I inquired further to know her reason. She replied by saying “I don’t look good in pictures right from time”. After she said that, her children began to laugh at her. Honestly, when I looked at the pictures we snapped, I didn’t find anything wrong in the way she looks in it. But, since her mind is already positioned on the fact that she wouldn’t ever look good in pictures, then it becomes like that for her.

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So, if we have the mindset that our country is part of the developing countries and that we do not have the required resources or comparative advantage to aim higher we will keep pitying ourselves and will not be able to do better.

How does the knowledge of Computer Science bring about improved development?

Since development is sustained growth -a situation whereby a country improves the economic, political and social wellbeing of its citizens.

In terms of Individual/household ; if more entrepreneurs like Linda Ikeji ( and Oluwaseun Osewa of Nairaland Forum ( emerges from tapping into these, the social- well being of citizens will be increased.

In terms of Firms ; if more of the Co-Creation Hubs(Cchub) who are concerned about encouraging technological innovations for improved social accountability springs up in the country, then it is to the benefit of all and sundry.

In terms of Government ; when there are different entrepreneurs and firms that are succeeding in the country,it is a benefit to the government. Because the revenue acquired through taxation becomes higher may be used to facilitate development in other sectors of the economy.

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There will be more knowledge to pass to the younger generation – no knowledge is a waste and I believe that we are not too young to learn everything. It goes round in a circle, if we are able to program thermometers – we will be able to produce it -Nigerian hospitals will buy from their citizens – and this in turn brings about sustainable development.

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