Office Organization: Seven very important rules for Business Etiquettes

Office Organization: Seven very important rules for Business Etiquettes

Below are the Seven very important rules for Business Etiquette’s

business etiquette

The subjects dealt with in this section relates to the organization of an office. Office organization, so far as it concerns the junior office worker, entails dealing with incoming and outgoing post, using postal and remittance services, reproducing documents, taking messages, receiving callers and filing and indexing correspondence. These basic tasks should be understood by all who intend making a career in business.

Before the student begins her study of office work, however, she must know what is expected of her personally when she takes her place in an office. The seven very important rules of business etiquettes are, therefore given here for her guidance and observance

  1. Be attentive and alert. Listen attentively to instructions so that you need to be told only once.
  2. Be neat in your personal appearance and do not allow untidy work to pass out of your hands.
  3. Be orderly in organizing your desk, equipment and cupboards and in planning out your daily work. Keep all of your personal belongings out of sight in a drawer or cupboard.
  4. Be punctual at the office and in keeping all appointments.
  5. Be quiet when working in the office and be quiet too about business matters. Regard your work as confidential and do not discuss office matters with others.
  6. Be reliable in carrying out all the routine tasks you are given to do.
  7. Be thorough and ensure that every task you are given is satisfactorily completed and if you are in doubt about spelling or an address, look it up in one of the reference books provided.
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