Meet Muhammed Abdulrahman, a Creative Researcher that has a plan for the future | theCreativesPrize

Meet Muhammed Abdulrahman, a Creative Researcher that has a plan for the future | theCreativesPrize

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Email Address

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State of Origin

20 years old

Highest Level of Education
University Undergraduate


Category in which Creative operates
Computer Science/ Programming

Brief description of Creative
One of my key creative accomplishments occurred in my current job, when I had to increase market share for a new product without increasing our existing marketing budget. I kicked off with some internal brainstorming on how to maximize the use of our resources and be more creative in the way we market. I worked with our two interns, both of whom were creative writing majors, on creating a blog for our website, plus Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages for the company’s new product. I tasked the interns with managing the pages, and the three of us came up with relevant content for each social page. The ultimate aim was to create a community of fans and buzz around the new product.

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Who/what inspired you into your young career?
My Momma

Picture/ Video of Creatives’ work

In the next 10 years, what do you aim to achieve with what you do?

My dreams

What makes you unique from others in your field?

Self respect

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