my love has a reason

my love has a reason


Heavy downpours and she offers her umbrella
The chitchat occurs and you say she’s amazing.
You got her digits, fixed a date, fell in love.
But my love is not affected by the raining season.

He hits you at dawn and says sorry by bed time
You say love is blind, but mine can see.
It sees goodwill, the kindness of a soul, the care it shows
My love is not unstable like a turbulent sea.

Love just happens, that’s what people say
But my love is intentionally seeking…
Seeking an intelligent mind, a beautiful soul, a heart of gold
My love is not a hidden time bomb, ticking.

So arrest me for being the odd one out
Worse still, take me to a far away prison.
I’d neglect the shame, take the pain, do my time
Yet, even behind bars my love has a reason.



Oluedoh Ifeanyi Ernest a.k.a Ernestlyinspired, is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He hails from Enugu state, Nigeria. He is an upcoming writer and poet. His passion is to inspire people through diverse means into the positive things of life. His hobbies are writing, reading, singing and making others laugh. He is what he'd like to tag as a positive realist who doesn't believe in a benign universe. A Christian who hates religion and calls out for relationship with God. A natural people lover and a social person.

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