Meet Ayogu Kingsley, a Creative Fine Artist has a plan for the future | theCreativesPrize

Meet Ayogu Kingsley, a Creative Fine Artist has a plan for the future | theCreativesPrize

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Other names
Kingsley Ifeanyichukwu

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23 years old

Highest Level of Education
University Graduate

Drawing, painting and Sculpting

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Brief description of Creative
Am Ayogu Kingsley, A fine artist and A Mental and physical health advocate, this year August I had my debut solo Exhibition on mental health with 22 paintings of mine at Thought pyramid Art center Abuja, Nigeria. The Exhibition and my interactive session gave birth to the Solemnity series which am work on the Now. Which is all about how we have hindered our progress through our policies. One of the paintings exhibited during the mental health exhibition titled; Valley won Th Vin Matin Ilo Award at LIMCAF 2017. Some of them are in currently In Uk for another mental health exhibition in 2018.

Who/what inspired you into your young career?
At a very young Age I was inspired by news because my dad will always force us to watch NTA news so at some point I fell in love with it I always wanted to make an impact in the society. So when I was growing with my drawing I felt I now have a voice, let me use it positively.

Picture/ Video of Creatives’ work

In the next 10 years, what do you aim to achieve with what you do?

In next 10 years . I aim that my paintings will be in top discussion of pop art, client politics, social, economic and welfare of the world. Breaking records of auctions.

What makes you unique from others in your field?

I pay attention to Every blemish, scare or intricate detail i adds to my paintings help express the truth in my work. A majority of my work depicts my subjects in uncomfortable situations. They can range from a lady crying for help to being reclusive in the corner of a room or figures being completely wrapped up and restrained. The viewer of his pieces has no choice but to feel connected to the paintings, searching for ways to console or free the subject from distress. My paintings endorse unity and human empathy in how he makes his work connect with my viewers. When putting paint to canvas Kingsley examines nuances of the human figure. The facial structure is a key element i explores in my work.
The movement of muscles, hair and even sweat are components of my art that make them work so well. The way i paints shows that i understands the human figure at a very high level and has the ability to recreate a figure and manipulate it to achieve a message through his work.
My piece that carries through all of these things with amazing splendour is “SOLEMNITY”. The painting portrays a man in a compromised situation, his face wrapped up in a sort of tape with the word ‘fragile’ printed on it. His eyes are covered, and it appears the tape is reconstructing the face of the figure. His teeth are exposed as his mouth is open due to the tape across the figures face. This painting is a conceptual masterpiece because it follows the narrative of Kingsley’s work, but the execution is so different and striking, forcing the viewer to ask questions about how the subject found himself in that situation. Was it done willingly or unwillingly? Is the figure confused or in fear? These questions therefore bring forth human emotion and sympathy. The text ‘Fragile’ on the tape has a sense of irony because it has the strength to deconstruct the facial format of a man whom looks as though he has sufficiently defend himself. in this piece, I challenged my to be unique and provide depth to his work through applying texture to his work. You can almost feel the moisture in certain areas of the painting.

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