What is Division of Labor?

What is Division of Labor?

Division of labour may be defined as a system of breaking down production processes into different stages so that each stage is undertaken or handled by an individual. This division of production processes will depend on the type, size of the industry and goods produced.

It should be known that in modern times, division of labour is more applicable in an industrial economy than in agricultural economy. It does not mean that division of labour applies only in an industry; no, far from that, even in a home, the father, mother, sons and daughters play different but complementary roles.

For example: Division of labour takes place in a bakery whereby production process is broken down into distinct stages such as: mixing of flour, grinding of flour, moulding and cutting into various sizes, loading into the oven, removal from the oven, removal from the pan and finally selling of the bread.

Another example is textile industry which is subdivided into: spinning, weaving and dyeing, warping, beaming, drafting, denting.

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