Have Hope

Have Hope


*Have Hope*

Have you ever bathed in an ocean of tears
While drowning by the pull of your fears?
Have life ever told you a cruel Joke
And your circumstance laugh at your face?

Have Hope…
There is a Sun rising to dry up your tears
There is Faith coming to overcome your fears.

Have you ever felt like giving up
‘Cos you called for help and non showed up?
Have men stabbed you in the back,
Piercing till their words wound your heart

Have Hope…
There is help springing up for you
There is a change breeding towards you.

Did you ever plan a voyage and never sailed?
Do you feel like you have failed?
Like a man with a broken compass
Do you feel you have no direction?

Have Hope…
There is success beyond the tide…
Glory that you can never hide.

Your World is falling apart,
Your dreams are tearing apart,
Your whole life is now in parts,
Have Hope I say.

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Click here to download “Have Hope” as PDF.

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Oluedoh Ifeanyi Ernest a.k.a Ernestlyinspired, is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He hails from Enugu state, Nigeria. He is an upcoming writer and poet. His passion is to inspire people through diverse means into the positive things of life. His hobbies are writing, reading, singing and making others laugh. He is what he'd like to tag as a positive realist who doesn't believe in a benign universe. A Christian who hates religion and calls out for relationship with God. A natural people lover and a social person.

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