Living In The Moment

Living In The Moment


Many are backsliding — face forward into the future, steps going back towards their ugly past. But I scarcely do the Moonwalk.

My past isn’t perfect and I don’t know if my future will be tense. But my present is continuous, so I immerse my being in every single moment I feature.

For me there is no yesterday and tomorrow is like the shadow that always elude me.

All I know is Today.

Today is the only day I have to love; the only day I have to sing.
Today, I say. Not two days.
Day to Day, all I have are Todays.

I spread my hand as the wind blows against me softly. I listen to the different tales it tells as it brushes against my earlobes.
I kick off my shoes and caress the dirt with my bare foot. She smiles, happy to see me trekking unmeasured miles.

Soon, I approach the place where the answer to ‘when?’ Is ‘now’; where Yesterdays are obsolete and Tomorrows are not seen as a Noun.

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Today, I kick excuses out the backdoor, keeping company with myself and with deserted Nature. Today, I say. Not tomorrow; not some unknown future.
Today, I live.


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Oluedoh Ifeanyi Ernest a.k.a Ernestlyinspired, is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He hails from Enugu state, Nigeria. He is an upcoming writer and poet. His passion is to inspire people through diverse means into the positive things of life. His hobbies are writing, reading, singing and making others laugh. He is what he'd like to tag as a positive realist who doesn't believe in a benign universe. A Christian who hates religion and calls out for relationship with God. A natural people lover and a social person.

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