Success is Progressive and here’s why.

Success is Progressive and here’s why.

Sucess is Progressive by Okoye Somtochukwu Lady-Diana

Hello to you, my humble greetings.

My name is Okoye Somtochukwu Lady-Diana. I am a public speaker and a motivational & informational writer.

You are reading through one of my article titled ‘Success is Progressive’. Here, I would be concentrating on the forward moving aspect of success.

At first, what does Success mean?

Success is simply an accomplishment of a goal. The ability to succeed grows within us and it can’t be resisted once you are become motivated to achieve your stated goal. This simply means that you keep accomplishing goals.

Take this from me, motivated people are like trees, once un-uprooted, they sprout. This means that a motivated mind or person keeps accomplishing his/her set goals; he just can’t stop himself. So, you have to start now because once you start, you keep going, you keep climbing and you keep aiming towards your peak.

But, the honest truth is that there is no peak, it is just naturally in you to keep being busy and the outcome of your inquisitiveness, the outcome of your struggles lies success. Get to know this; the pitch of competition is open to only those who show themselves. If you don’t opt in, you wouldn’t win. In the same vein, if you don’t start now, you wouldn’t grow.

Biologically, growth is a natural characteristic of living things. This growth which translates to progress is an irreversible increase in the size of a thing. So, whatever you do in life will grow. Just keep being consistent and keep working hard. I know that hardwork and being consistent is stressful, but being lazy and idle is even more stressful. How on earth do you intend lying on the bed for a month doing nothing? You may probably develop body ache someday you know as a result of lack of exercise. So, you have to exercise yourself by working on your brand or business idea.

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The truth is that, life keeps rolling, so, you don’t have to wait. You should roll immediately with it. So, I encourage you to channel your time and resources into embarking on productive activities. Come to think of it, why do you think people at the top even with all their wealth and publicity still keep working? The simple answer is that they are so hungry for success that they can’t even stop themselves. That’s just what they do for fun. And, that applies to you too. That’s who you are. Your business, your brand and your ideas is simply what you do for fun while channelling into a money making profession because it needs to be sustainable and the engine of sustainability is finance.

So, I am telling you to start that business, start that brand, and start that idea. Tell it to your family members and friends. Post it on your social media platforms. At times, I know that we as humans may feel shy or scared to start because our friends might mock us. But, that’s okay, it is a normal human behaviour, we may all be guilty of it at one time or the other. But, it takes just about 2 to 3 times for the public including your friends to mock you and after you are consistent with what you do, they will buy into your idea and begin to follow you.

For you to be able to achieve this, you need to possess the most important factor: self-confidence. There is no bigger success trick than being self-confident. But, the art of self-confidence has to be mastered. That’s exactly why we train young people who enrol into Somtochukwu Institute ( on the matter if self-confidence. We equip them with various inter (national) resources and practical coaching on building self-confidence.

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Over time, my clients have considered me the best to invite as an external public speaker or resource person for their events or conferences in order to address young people. My clients also attest to the fact that these young people get propelled to achieve more after I have spoken to them.

So, as a public speaker, I am open to invitation and bookings for any event or conference organized by companies, organizations or persons in any part of the world. I majorly speak to English hearing audiences.

You can ring my line on 08061388655 or send me a message about bookings and further inquiries.

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Thank you very much for reading through the ‘Success is Progressive’ article by Okoye Somtochukwu Lady-Diana.

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Somtochukwu speaks to English hearing audiences and she writes motivational and informational books.

She can always booked as an external speaker for your event, conference, in order to propel them to achieve more.
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