Dare to be Different by Collins Chisom

Dare to be Different by Collins Chisom

*Motivational Speech by Collins Chisom.*

(Dare to be different.)

If you want to get what everyone else is getting, do what everyone is doing.

Miss Lady-Diana, my speech today is not simply about me, but also about being different.

I have chosen this topic because it is very dare to me and something I have made a personal philosophy and which I endeavor to live by.

Before I start, I would like to tell you about myself.

I am *Collins Chisom Ifejimalu* from Okpuno, Anambra state, aspirant philosophical psychologist and by the grace of God and with the help of Okoye Somtochukwu Lady-Diana, a motivational speaker.

_Enjoy my speech…_

I think it all started when I was 17 years old. That was the time I started to observe people’s behavior and just to think about life.

I have always thought that being an “adult” was a lot different from being a kid. However I felt after my secondary education that the adult world was not what I expected.

I told a friend and he asked me why/how I meant?…..  Almost everyone seemed to behave like they were still teenagers. I replied.

Nobody seemed to be outstanding in anyway. There was no distinction, as far as I could see, between the 18 year old and the 50 year old, apart from their age.

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Where was the wisdom and excellence – I have come to expect… There was no change.

I did not know it then, but over the years I have come to see the reason people don’t change is simply that they do not dare to be different.

… What does being different mean…?

Being different means

– Not being afraid to challenge the norm.

– Being willing to take a chance.

– Making your own track, not following the trodden path.

– Being the person that you were meant to be.

I believe that everyone is born unique – but through the years, we work very hard to be like everyone else.

Most people think that once they have a qualification, that’s it – they have arrived.

Is it any wonder they don’t grow? They are stagnant.

Every day is a chance to become a better person.

If I can leave you with one piece of advice, it will be this…

Society celebrates mediocrity so much that it does not take much to set yourself above the rest.

Doing that one thing regularly will put you way above the rest.

Read books that challenge you and also the ones that make you think deep.

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E.g Think and grow rich, The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin shamans, The leader who had no title, Who will cry when you die, Rich dad, poor dad, Might is right, Sophia’s world, Obsession, As a man thinket, The richest man in Babylon, e.t.c

In closing I would like to say to those of you that are skeptics out there, those of you that are saying

“Oh, he is just drunk with the omnipotence of youth age, that I will get over it and then I will be like everyone else.

My words to you are;

I ain’t getting out like that, I know that I have an abundance of potential within me and I will bring it out to fruition.


Thank you.

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