Sound Proof Rubber Mat Fire Retardant Events Noise Barriers

Sound Proof Rubber Mat Fire Retardant Events Noise Barriers

NoiseBarrierTarp is specializing in manufacturing and selling noise barrier wall for outdoor and indoor. These noise barrier products have many beautiful designs, styles and colors. By the persistence of offering products of high quality at reasonable prices, we have enjoyed a good reputation in the industry as well as among our numerous foreign partners.

Sound Proofing Rubber Mat Fire Retardant Event Sound Barrier
1.Choose from 10 different colour PVC.
2.Can be cleaned with a cloth
3.Safer to handle than normal mineral wool

Over the years, the company fame is constantly increasing, the noise barrier products are popular in the home and abroad and get good comments by the customer. In addition we get a certificate of ISO9002 international quality system. NoiseBarrierTarp adopted strict management system, continuous to improve industry ability, to inrich its core values, make great efforts to provide customers with quite safe and healthy products.

Noise Barrier Products

Outdoor Flexible Temporary Barriers Highway Road Noise Barrier Tarp
Industrial Flexible Barriers Generator Noise Reduction Traffic Noise Barrier for Parking System
Noise Barrier Tarpaulin Sound Adsorption And Noise Reduction Glass Wool Blanket
Noise Barrier Flocking Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel Used for Noise Control
Noise Barrier Customized Removable Fiberglass Blanket Noise Reduction Material
Highway Noise Barriersound Barrier Wall/Noise Barrier Wall / Anti Noise Barrier
Our acoustic products have been sold for many countries such as United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Australia, United States, Vanuatu, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Estonia, United Kingdom, Seychelles, Aruba, etc.
You are welcome to visit our factory, your emails and letters are welcomed anytime too. Your support and encouragement is the greatest force of our progress.

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