Buy Limult Groups Products: Strong, Affordable & Quality Products.

Buy Limult Groups Products: Strong, Affordable & Quality Products.

Limult Group is a national company that deals in high quality burnt bricks, plaster sand, granite, fertilizer, yam flour, cassava flour, etc.

We provide affordably strong, quality and natural products to help sustain the citizens of the country.

Our Products

1. Limult Agricultural Products

  • Bulk of Mangoes
  • Bulk of Oranges
  • Bulk of Sesame Seed (Egusi)
  • Truck load of Fresh Tomatoes.
  • Truck load of Yam
  • Truck load of Cassava.

2. Limult Building & Construction Materials

  • Plaster Sand
  • Red Burnt Bricks
  • Sharp Sand
  • Laterite Sand
  • Gravel (Washing gravel and bush gravel)
  • Hard Core gravel for construction of fueling stations, etc.

3. Limult Real Estate

Limult also sells plots/ hectares of Land in Makurdi, Benue State. They work & partner directly with the star government to enable clients secure properties efficiently.

4. Limult Petroleum Products

  • Bulk of Charcoal
  • Limult Engine Oil
  • Limult Kerosene
  • Bulk of Firewood (Timber).

Agent: Become an agent with Limult by introducing customers and you gain 5% on product sale.

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Distributor: You can become a distributor of our products by buying in bulk and reselling in your locality.

Delivery: Limult delivers its products to customers throughout the nation. It delivery occurs within 7 working days after a customer places an order.

Phone Number: 07052446249


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