About theCreatives Prize Award

About theCreatives Prize Award

theCreatives Prize Award is an Independent and Reliable Creative Certifying brand for people in Nigeria and beyond.

theCreatives Prize Award is maintained by Somtochukwu.com ; a multi-national platform for creative activities and it collects application throughout the year (1 January – 31 December). 


The missions of theCreatives Prize are;

1) To recognize unique people who will in one way or the other bring about sustainable development in Africa through their creativity.
2) To become an agenda where more young people want to strive to become Change Makers, Activists, Leaders, Intellectuals through their minute contributions to the society.
3) To encourage young individuals by awarding them Certificate and showing them to the rest of the world.


Do you have a question? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

-who is eligible to join theCreatives Institute? Any citizen of Nigeria and other parts of the world between the ages of 18-40 years.

-who is considered as a Creative? Anybody who is either an Artist, Model, Writer, Musician,Programmer, Photographer,Comedian, Dancer, Public Speaker,Disc jockey(Dj) etc

-is it important that I invite another creative? We encourage you to suggest a creative because it is assumed that for every creative person, s(he) is expected to also have a friend who is creative.

-after answering all the questions in the form, and making payments, what’s next? Your details will be posted automatically on the website and your certificate will be issued upon approval in which you will be given your Creative code.