Things you are expected to do        

1) Update only your  Bio information and Profile picture by “Edit your profile” which is found below.

2) Go to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account and update your profile by writing

“Writer at”

Writers Guide

1) For Post Titles, use the standard format. For example, if you want to publish a quote, the Title should be “Quote of the day”, if you feature a Natural girl, the Title should be “Featuring on today’s NATURAL – (the girl’s name)”, and so on.

2) Select only one Category for your posts.

3) Choose an image from your Device that you want to be the featured image of your posts.

4) Your posts may always be Reviewed and Edited on the Website in order to correct errors (if any).

5) Write Original contents. 

6) Don’t be in a hurry to publish posts. Ensure that you have written and edited them  in a Book or Jotter before you try to publish.

7) You can now Login to Publish your first post.


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