Enter to join theCreatives Institute

Enter to join theCreatives Institute

theCreatives Institute is an Independent  
and Reliable Creative Certifying Brand.
People within the ages of 18-40 years 
who are either Singers, Dancers,
Comedians, Activist, Models, DJ's, 
Writers, are encouraged to join the 

Steps involved in joining theCreatives Institute.

There are three simple steps involved in joining theCreatives Institute are given below;

  1. Bio: this requires information like your Name, Age, State of Origin,etc.
  2. Your Creativity: this step requires answering simple questions about the creative thing you do. Here, you tell us what makes you unique from the others in your field.
  3. Invite:  here, you are encouraged to suggest a friend of yours who is also creative in order for him/her to join the Institute and get a Creative code. Copy the message below and send to the Creative friends that you invited;

Dear Creative friend,

I invite you to join theCreatives Institute which I am part of

This program is being maintained by www.somtochukwu.com.

Join today to earn a certificate as a Creative & stand a chance to inspire more young people.

The administrative fee is $40 or ₦5,000

To apply, visit www.somtochukwu.com/tcpa2

Yours for Creativity,
tCPA Team

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