By Submitting your Natural Photograph to SOMTOCHUKWU.COM ,you accept these conditions;

  • Your Photo, alongside the information you provided would be published on this website.
  • Your Photo may be used for future publication on this website.
  • Photographs that are not descent wouldn’t be published. (Note; ensure your picture is descent as it doesn’t expose the secret parts of your body E.g Breasts.)
  • Publishing your Information and photograph on the website may take two/three days after submission; in order to to be properly scrutinized.

By Booking your Photographs at SOMTOCHUKWU.COM, you accept these conditions;

  • Printed Photographs are collected only during weekdays (i.e Saturdays and Sundays)
  • By booking your prints you accept the stated price given per picture prints.
  • The mode of payment is “PAY AT DELIVERY” (i.e You pay when you come to pick up your pictures)
  • Photo printing is available only to those within Anambra State.


Thanks for your compliance.


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